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Our money clip wallets are brought to life in our design studio in Cape Town, each Jekyll and Hide leather money clip wallet is made in full-grain leather and is the slimmest and most effective way to hold notes and cards together in your pockets.

Our men’s cardholders with money clip are engineered to become your loyal partner, for life.

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Carry your men’s wallet with style

Does your wallet overflow with things? Nobody wants that! Do you agree? For those men with a modern mindset, carrying a wallet symbolises style. Wallets can reveal your taste to others. A wallet defines your style and can very well be a part of your image. With changes happening everywhere due to advancesin technology, we are witnessing a significant change in the design, functionality and materials used for men’s money clip wallets. These have been adapted to suit today’s contemporary man.

Why should you go for money clips?


Men’s money clip wallets can easily be tucked into the chest pocket of a blazer or be hidden in the side pocket of a pair of trousers, allowing you to securely store your cash. Perhaps you are a professional rushing from an office to a cocktail bar, or a businessman running your own business who doesn’t take pride in fashionable accessories. Jekyll & Hide’s wallets give you easy accessibility to cash, parking tickets and credit cards.   

Fits into most pockets

Money clips are definitely not bulky, and are designed to fit easily into most pockets. A men’s wallet with money clip is the perfect accessory for carrying all your daily essentials without any hassle.

Elegant look

Jekyll & Hide is known for luxurious designs, striking beauty and exudingconfidence. These men’s money clip wallets are made from durable and genuine leather to protect your hard-earned bills without breaking a sweat.


You will fall in love with the excellent craftsmanship of our wallets. You can easily slide a stack of cash into the clip, or slip your debit or credit card into the cardholder. It is also very easy to assemble all your cash in order.

How to choose your men’s money clip wallet?


Safety should be your biggest concern, and you should choose wallets with RFID technology. As all our wallets are RFID enabled, ensuring that all your cards are always protected. RFID money clips keep your sensitive information safe while protecting your data from thieves.


Money clip wallets come in various designs and different styles. They are simple and lightweight and can fit your style and preferences. Say goodbye to your bulky wallet and welcome the new money clip from Jekyll & Hide!


If you are looking for a minimal wallet or a wallet with different compartments, then Jekyll & Hide have a variety of choices to suit your needs. We have money clips with slots to accommodate all kinds of cards including identification and payment cards.


Wallets are made from a variety of materials, from leather to synthetic. Leather money clips are the preferred choice for today’s fashion-conscious men. Crafted from long-lasting, genuine leather, our money clips will reflect your style.

Finding a men’s wallet with money clip can be an intimidating task given the wide array of choice available in the market. However, at Jekyll & Hide, we carry a good selection of superior quality compact wallets for every taste, style and purpose.

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