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All of our men's leather crossbody bags are handcrafted using only the very best materials.

We use only full - grain leather which is beautiful, long-lasting and tanned using a traditional and natural vegetable tanning process. 

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Crossbody Organiser Bag, TobaccoCrossbody Organiser Bag, Tobacco - Jekyll and Hide SA
Crossbody, TobaccoCrossbody, Tobacco
Crossbody, Tobacco Sale priceR 3,999.00
Oxford Zip Crossbody Bag, TobaccoZip Crossbody Bag, Tobacco - Jekyll and Hide SA
Soho Compact Crossbody Organizer, TwoToneSoho Compact Crossbody Organizer, TwoTone
Crossbody, EspressoCrossbody, Espresso
Crossbody, Espresso Sale priceR 3,999.00
Crossbody, BlackCrossbody, Black
Crossbody, Black Sale priceR 3,999.00
Crossbody Organiser Bag, Two ToneCrossbody Organiser Bag, Two Tone
Mens Crossbody Bag, ColtMens Crossbody Bag, Colt
Mens Crossbody Bag, Colt Sale priceR 4,199.00
Mens Crossbody Bag, Two ToneMens Crossbody Bag, Two Tone
Mens Crossbody Bag, Two Tone Sale priceR 4,199.00
Mens Crossbody Organiser, BlackMens Crossbody Organiser, Black
Mens Crossbody Organiser, Black Sale priceR 4,299.00
Sold outMens Crossbody Organiser, MochaMens Crossbody Organiser, Mocha
Mens Crossbody Organiser, Mocha Sale priceR 4,299.00
Mens Crossbody Organiser, ColtMens Crossbody Organiser, Colt
Mens Crossbody Organiser, Colt Sale priceR 4,299.00
Compact Crossbody Organiser, Two ToneCompact Crossbody Organiser, Two Tone
Compact Crossbody Organiser, ColtCompact Crossbody Organiser, Colt
Compact Crossbody Organiser, MochaCompact Crossbody Organiser, Mocha
Men's Crossbody with Organiser, BlackMen's Crossbody with Organiser, Black
Men's Crossbody with Organiser, MochaMen's Crossbody with Organiser, Mocha
Men's Crossbody with Organiser, ColtMen's Crossbody with Organiser, Colt


About crossbody bags

A crossbody bag is a small handbag with a large sling that is worn across the body, with the bag resting on the side near the waist. You can wear it on one side of your body, with the strap looped over the opposite shoulder. Crossbody bags ensure comfort when carrying bulky items and alloweasy access. You can easily swap the front and back,and access your contents without having to remove the bag.

Why do you need a crossbody bag?

The reasons you need a crossbody bags are:


Crossbody bags are easy to wear…put them on your shoulder and go! They come in different colours,but many choose black as it suits everyone and is perfect for any occasion. It is also a great travelling companion.

Chic and Stylish

Besides being versatile, crossbody bags are also chic and stylish, and will add a cool vibe to your look. A crossbody bag will take your look to a whole new level, even if wearing a simple outfit. And these bags are ideal for multitasking, because your hands are free.


Wearing a crossbody bag across the body the whole time makes it more functional and practical. Your hands are free, and you can walk freely without fiddling with the bag while shopping.

Jekyll & Hide leather crossbody bags

Our crossbody bags are made from tough, resistant, hand picked leather, and tanned using a natural tanning process. Full grain leather is considered the most durable type of leather as it resists moisture and gets better looking over time. Jekyll &Hidehas a wide array of full grain leather crossbody bags for you to choose from. Choose your favourite bag for carrying all your essentials with ease.

The men's leather crossbody bag has two zip compartments – a front zip and a back magnetic pocket – making it ideal for travelling and providing easy access to your essentials.

Men’s crossbody bags hold your phone, keys, and wallet comfortably, especially when compared to backpacks.The most practical everyday bag, it is perfectly crafted to keep everything by your side.

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