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Our men's leather card holder wallets are brought to life in our design studio in Cape Town, each Jekyll and Hide leather card holder wallet is made in full-grain leather, and fully RFID protected, engineered to become your loyal partner. 

Own a credit card holder wallet handcrafted for perfection and durability.

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Incredible collection of men’s credit card wallets

About credit card wallets for men

Given the popularity of plastic cards, credit card holders are a necessity. With them, you can go anywhere without worrying about cash. Credit or debit cards give you the freedom to access cash anytime, anywhere. So you definitely need a credit card wallet for men to organise all your cards.

Buying a credit card holder

About the current style and popularity of credit cardholders

Credit card wallets for men are all about safety and convenience. Everyone wants to carry a wallet that is handy, stylish, lightweight and able to accommodate all your plastic cards. When buying a credit card holder, you can choose from a variety of designs, depending on your personality type and style sense.

People using credit or debit cards are always looking for smart and classy credit card holders. Many prefer eco-friendly or breathable materials. But no matter what you choose it should be your perfect travelling companion.

Credit card holder advantages: convenience, de-cluttering, fitting into most pockets and elegance

Why do you need acredit card holder?

Convenient to use- Choose a credit card holder that can be easily carried anywhere.

Keeps cards organised- You should be able to keep cards ordered in a credit card holder so that you do not lose them.

Fits easily in pockets- Credit card holders mostly come in standard sizes and shapes easily fit almost every type of trouser pockets.

Smart and elegant - A men’s wallet with a credit card holder does not have to be old-fashioned. You get stylish and elegant looking credit card wallets for men.

How to choose your credit cardholders: safety, design, capacity and material

To choose the best credit card wallets here’s a simple guide:

Safety - The wallet should have separate slots for each plastic card. Card holder wallets are small, simple and designed to prevent cards being lost..

Design - A credit card wallet with an elegant design will suit all personalities. Slim wallets look slick and professional.

Capacity - Your wallet should be able to hold all your necessary cards and keep them organised. Go for card holders that have enough space for different cards.

Material - The finest quality materials will make your wallet durable. Leather card holder wallets are the most popular amongst men.

Credit card holder collections at Jekyll & Hide

Jekyll & Hide’s extensive range of men’s credit card holders offers more than just functionality, it exudes personality, style and perfection. The entire men’s wallet collection is made of the best quality leather, a modern design handcrafted for perfection and excellence.

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