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Lace-up Brogue Shoe, TanLace-up Brogue Shoe, Tan
Lace-up Brogue Shoe, Tan Sale priceR 3,299.00
Lace-up Brogue Shoe, ChocolateLace-up Brogue Shoe, Chocolate
Lace-up Brogue Shoe, BlackLace-up Brogue Shoe, Black
Lace-up Brogue Shoe, Black Sale priceR 3,699.00


About men’s brogue shoes

The brogue, with its decorative perforations, is a very uniquemen’s shoe.These perforations, designed to allow water to drain through the footwear when walking in wet areas,are primarily for decorative purposes these days. All brogues sport minimal perforations on the top edge of the toecap.

Variations of brogues

There are three primary styles of brogues, along with a few secondary styles.

Full brogues

A full brogue shoe, these have a pointed cap with wing-like extensions that runs along both sides of the toe. The toecap is W-shaped, looks like a bird’s wings, is both perforated and serrated along its edges, and has additional perforations in the centre of the toecap. Brogues, with their traditional and masculine character, are a classic gentleman’s shoe style that will never go out of fashion. A thick-soled brogue works brilliantly with jeans.

Half brogues

Similar to full brogues, they have a large toecap but do not have wingtip extensions. They have broguing at the top of the cap and some decorative broguing in the centre. This semi-brogue works well with formal suits and a pair of jeans. Our men’sbrogue shoes are beautifully craftedfrom highquality leather by leading shoemakers.

Quarter brogues

They are the simplest of the brogues, with perforations only on the upper edge of the toecap.

Additionally, there are other styles of brogues. They are:

Spectator brogues-full brogues with wingtips and contrasting colours.

Longwing brogues –featuring a toecap with wings extendingalong the shoe’s full length and meeting at the heel counter.

Ghillie brogues - full brogues with long laces that wrap around the ankle and tied below the calf.

Ubrogue- featuring a toecap in the shape of a“U” rather than a“W”.


Jekyll & Hide’s brogue shoes are specially crafted from fullgrain leather,making them resistant to moisture and longer lasting. These shoes are not only exquisite, but also durable.

How and when to wear brogues

Brogues have become a smart and fashionable choice,and are versatile enoughto wear almost anywhere. They can be worn with casual and formal outfits,an ideal accompaniment for all looks. Brown or tan brogues give a casual, relaxed and smart look, while black brogues look good with a formal suit.In generalbrogues can be worn on any occasion. They are comfortable shoes that can complement a formal suit, casual trousers and a polo shirt.There is also a rule of thumb that the perforations and formality are inversely proportional.

Why Jekyll & Hide collections of brogue shoes?

Jekyll & Hide men’s brogue shoes look classy and are made of premium leather with a polished finish. Working with leather producers around the world, we have achieved quality without compromising on workmanship. They can accompany any outfit and be worn on any occasion.

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