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Chains and Straps excite me :)

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Mussel Chain Strap, Light GoldMussel Chain Strap, Light Gold
Mussel Chain Strap, Brush NickleMussel Chain Strap, Brush Nickle
Brown Chain Strap, Light GoldBrown Chain Strap, Light Gold
Marble Green Chain Strap, Brush NickleMarble Green Chain Strap, Brush Nickle
Marble Green Chain Strap, Light GoldMarble Green Chain Strap, Light Gold
Brown Chain Strap, Brush NickleBrown Chain Strap, Brush Nickle
Black Chain Strap, Light GoldBlack Chain Strap, Light Gold
Black Chain Strap, Brush NickleBlack Chain Strap, Brush Nickle
Ocean Blue Silver, Shoulder Strap
Blue Floral Gold, Shoulder Strap
Sold outBlue Floral Silver, Shoulder Strap
Pink Tribal Gold, Shoulder StrapPink Tribal Gold, Shoulder Strap
Blue Daisy Gold, Shoulder Strap
Sold outStained Glass Silver, Shoulder Strap
Stained Glass Gold, Shoulder Strap
Pink Floral Silver, Shoulder Strap
Snake Stone Silver, Shoulder Strap
Blue Daisy Silver, Shoulder Strap
Pink Tribal Silver, Shoulder Strap
Sold outPink Floral Gold, Shoulder Strap
Sold outOcean Blue Gold, Shoulder Strap
Cell Phone Adaptor GoldCell Phone Adaptor Gold
Cell Phone Adaptor Gold Sale priceR 110.00
Cell Phone Adaptor NickleCell Phone Adaptor Nickle
Cell Phone Adaptor Nickle Sale priceR 110.00