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Napoli Collection


Stylish and sophisticated with clean lines and classic details, our new Italian leather shoes are a versatile addition to any outfit.

Naples, Italy

Handmade in the hills outside Naples, Italy, by a small family run team, each shoe is lovingly stitched, painted and tanned by this amazing group of expert craftsmen.

Our Jekyll & Hide Napoli collection is finessed and finished in a manner that hasn’t changed in over half a century.

Our Materials


Our Leather is hand picked, tough and resistant full-grain which is beautiful, long-lasting and tanned using a traditional and natural vegetable tanning process. It is designed to resist moisture and over-time look more beautiful, developing its own characteristics over the course of its life.

Jekyll & Hide are committed to the principles and practices that require respect for the animals and environment that allow for the production of our leather collections. Therefore, no harmful chemicals are used during our tanning process.