2436 Zulu laptop folder reviewed by www.davidsbeenhere.com

David Hoffman of http://www.davidsbeenhere.com/ is a travel writer, host and travel producer who has been featured on Discovery Channel, Wanderlust and Tripfilms. David recently took the 2436 Zulu Laptop folder with him on a trip to New Orleans and found it to be the "best travel laptop bag he has found to date". Check out his detailed review here - http://davidsbeenhere.com/2015/10/17/best-travel-laptop-bag-jekyll-and-hide-zulu-laptop-folder/

 Here are the features that David particularly liked about the 2436 Zulu laptop folder:

  • Leather is soft and has the “worn in” feel right out of the box
  • Interior pocket is padded to protect your laptop
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable sling that turns it into a messenger bag
  • Compartments for travel documents, pens, cell phone, and credit cards
  • Great for work, travel, or school
  • Strong zippers
  • Classic leather design that is always in style
  • All Jekyll and Hide items are sold with a 2 year warranty cover against possible defects in materials and craftsmanship